Boise's #1 choice for Idaho and Utah Concealed Weapons License Classes.

NEW Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Classes at Ultimate Firearms!

Registration for the “ENHANCED” Idaho CCW is now underway! This New Concealed Carry Permit by the State of Idaho allows holders to carry in 41 States! One of the best CCW’s in the country! The Enhanced Idaho CCW requires all participants to qualify in an 8 hour lecture/shooting class. 6 hours of lecture and two hours of range time where all students are required to fire 98 rounds to qualify for this permit! Class space is extremely limited so sign up right away! $125.00 to reserve your spot! First come first served! ALL students MUST attend this class to be eligible for this Enhanced Permit regardless of prior training. This is one of the best opportunities in the country for the most expanded permit available. Don’t Delay!

Idaho/Utah and Oregon CCW Classes

If you are only planning to carry concealed in Idaho or want to carry in numerous states WITHOUT the live firearms training component then attend our Standard Idaho/Utah/Oregon, “3 Hour NO SHOOTING CCW Class.” This lecture only class will qualify you for the Non Enhanced Idaho, Utah, and Oregon weapons permits.


Enhanced Idaho CCW Class $125.00- Over 2 days 6 hours Lecture, 2 Hours Shooting 98 Rounds. Carry in 41 States!

Non Enhanced Idaho/Utah/Oregon CCW- $60.00 3 Hour Lecture -36 States overall!